New Motor-Voter Registration System In Full Swing

Aug 11, 2016

Most people know that at the DMV you can register your car, get new license plates and obtain a driver’s license. But did you know you can register to vote? Beginning this week, if you’re renewing your license or getting a Connecticut issued ID, you’ll be asked if you want to register to vote at the same time.

This hour, we talk with Secretary of State Denise Merrill about this new voter registration system. We also ask her about the local primaries that took place on Tuesday, and the latest Election Performance Index from the Pew Charitable Trust that ranked Connecticut fifth in the nation.

Plus, the Zika virus continues to ravage communities across Latin America and the Caribbean, and is now transmitting locally through mosquitoes in Florida. The state of Connecticut has received almost $1 million of extra funding to tackle Zika. We explore what researchers and public officials in Connecticut are doing to combat the virus.

And finally, WNPR reporter Harriet Jones is back from a recent trip to Britain. She talks about life in the UK after Brexit.


  • Denise Merrill - Connecticut Secretary of the State
  • Raul Pino - Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health
  • Theodore Andreadis- Director of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Paulo H. Verardi - Virologist and Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut
  • Harriet Jones - WNPR Business Reporter

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Lydia Brown contributed to this show.