New Haven Earth Day Project Incorporates Art and Planetary Boundaries

Apr 22, 2015

Each banner was painted by an organization in the New Haven area.

In celebration of Earth Day, the New Haven - León Sister City Project is displaying nine colorful banners throughout the city. 

Each banner represents one of the nine planetary boundaries -- nine systems identified by the Stockholm Center for Resilience as being essential for human survival.

Those systems include things like access to fresh water, and climate change. 

The banners were painted by various organizations in the New Haven area, and each banner tells a story.

"When you have images, it is more striking, and when you have a story, it is important to create some feelings, so people will be more interested in learning, and changing small things in their life," said Planetary Boundaries Banner Project organizer Ceyda Durmaz.

Listen to Durmaz describe the project below:

The banners will be displayed in public parks and local farmers' markets, and at this Saturday's Rock to Rock Earth Day Bike Ride.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.