Metro North Says Most 100 Day Action Steps Completed; Senate Approves Funding for West Haven VA Cent

Jun 12, 2014

Metro-North Railroad has released a final report on what it has done to improve safety following a series of accidents last year. The rail line says it has completed most of its priorities. In a 100-day action plan, Metro-North said it has established an investigation unit to look into the root causes of accidents, overhauled a system safety plan, reviewed and improved employee training programs and made other changes.

U.S. Senate Approves VA Funding 

Additional funding for a West Haven veterans program is included in a bipartisan Senate bill aimed at helping veterans who’ve waited for lengthy periods to receive medical care. The U.S. Senate passed the legislation this week. The bill includes more than $4.8 million in new funding for the Errera Community Care Center in West Haven.

Senator Murphy Pushing for Expanded Federal Controls of Electricity Suppliers

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy is continuing his calls for action at both the state and federal level to reduce customers’ electric bills as well as abuses by third-party power suppliers. He held a meeting in Washington on Tuesday between Federal Trade Commission officials and consumer ratepayer advocates to discuss the problem. Murphy claims that Connecticut consumers are overpaying for power by an estimated $13.7 million dollars a month .

Tree-Trimming Action Postponed

State utility regulators have once again postponed action on reworking tree-trimming standards for Connecticut’s utility companies. The state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority was expected to issue a final decision on Wednesday on revised tree-trimming practices. But after a public hearing at the agency’s New Britain headquarters, regulatory commissioners decided to postpone their final ruling until June 25.

Pelto in Gubernatorial Run

Democrat Jonathan Pelto plans to make his candidacy official –he said he’s committed to running for governor this year as a third-party candidate and liberal alternative to incumbent Gov. Dannel Malloy. If he collects the necessary 75-hundred signatures, Pelto will appear on the ballot under the Education and Democracy Party.