Memorial Day

May 26, 2014

Memorial Day in Simsbury

Connecticut towns and cities gather this Memorial Day in remembrance of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country. In Simsbury, Veterans have a deeper sense of purpose as they prepare to raise money for the town's new Veterans Memorial. Currently, Simsbury has three memorials in different locations to commemorate the 104 Veterans who died in service. Simsbury's memorials honor soldiers who died throughout our nation's most gruesome wars, from the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, to World War I and II. 

Veterans Bruce Elliott, Ray Jennings, and John Fox will see their dream become a reality when the town completes a large monument in the center of Simsbury. The monument will be located next to the library on Hopmeadow Street at the corner of Eaglewood Lane.

Veterans Elliott, Jennings, and Fox have been working with architect Terri Hahn for two years, taking the vision from a series of sketches to a concrete concept. "I'm just trying to implement what they envision and how proud they are of their service" Hahn says.

The monument will feature three pillars representing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. A fourth pillar will stand for the American Flag, the Liberty Bell, and the Statue of Liberty. The Veterans hope to see this memorial as a destination that could ultimately turn into a small park.

Veteran John Fox confides, "this memorial as I see it is first recognizing those people who were in combat in the situation that I was in, also for the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters of those who currently are serving or have served who have lost their lives".