Malloy Reverses $55 Refund Proposal; Improved Metro-North Service Schedule

Apr 28, 2014

Governor Dannel Malloy is reversing his proposal to give each taxpayer a $55 refund. The administration said revenue from capital gains taxes last year is hundreds of millions of dollars below what was expected. Malloy defended his idea to give some of the state's surplus back to residents at a news conference today, but said even though the state is going from a $3.6 million deficit-- to having a surplus this year--we're not going to have as much money as first believed.

An improved Metro-North schedule is on the way next month. The focus will be on safe, reliable and fast-service. Metro-North is calling this a major overhaul. Under the new time-table, 83 percent of New Haven Line morning peak hour trains will run a few minutes faster.  Metro North president Joseph Giulietti says the schedule supports the rail line’s ongoing efforts to serve customers while providing maintenance forces with the time they need to inspect and repair the system.

Graduation Achievement Gap

High school graduation rates show an achievement gap continues to exist in Connecticut between poor students and those who are more affluent. The report was released today by the education advocacy group America’s Promise Alliance. It shows Connecticut’s graduation rate went from 80.9 percent in 2003 to 85 percent in 2012.

Animal Rights Activists Seek Legislation

Animal rights advocates are fighting several battles in the Connecticut legislature. Activists are seeking legislation that would forbid the use of gestation crates for sows.  Animal protection groups also are lobbying against legislation that would allow bow-and-arrow hunting on private property. Supporters say it would help control the deer population and end the last blue law in Connecticut. Advocates are also pushing a  measure that would clarify Connecticut law that domesticated horses are not wild and not inherently dangerous.