Malloy: Connecticut May Take On More Federal Responsibilities

Oct 16, 2013

Governor Dannel Malloy.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

The state may shoulder more federal responsibilities as the government shutdown continues. Connecticut has already begun to foot the bill for almost $1 million worth of programs, including keeping open Head Start places in the state. 

Governor Dannell Malloy said if there's no deal in Washington this week, he'll continue to review which services should be kept open on the state's dime. He said payments for disabled veterans and needy women and children will come first.

"We cannot have pregnant women go without nourishment," Malloy said. "We cannot have children go without nourishment. That's a reality. So I'm focused on those life-sustaining, family-sustaining services as of paramount importance." Malloy said he doesn't believe the state will have to borrow more money to fill the gap left by the federal shutdown. He added that he's had discussions with the Obama administration about whether Connecticut will be reimbursed once the government reopens.