Malloy, Boehner in Food Stamp Fight

Mar 18, 2014

Credit Joe Raedle/Getty Images News / Thinkstock

Governor Dannel Malloy has sharply criticized U.S. House Speaker John Boehner who accused Connecticut and other states of cheating the federal food stamp program.

Boehner told reporters last week that states have found ways to cheat in signing up food stamp recipients. Malloy called the comment reprehensible. He's among several governors who approved nominal increases in heating assistance to assure a higher food stamp benefit. 

In a letter to the Ohio Republican on Monday, Malloy said Congress intended to grant states the authority to provide heating assistance linked to food stamps.

Congress and President Barack Obama enacted a farm bill last month cutting $800 million a year in food stamp spending. A spokesman for Boehner said governors who undermine the home heating program are putting at risk those who depend on it.