Malloy Announces Federal Funding For Rail Project

Oct 1, 2012

Another $121 million in federal funding has been committed to a high-speed rail project linking New Haven, Hartford, and Springfield.  As WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports, Governor Dannel Malloy was in Meriden for the announcement.

Malloy stood at the Meriden train station, at the heart of a city eager for some investment in its core.  And it will get that – some of the federal money will go to construct new platforms and parking improvements here in Meriden, and in Berlin, Wallingford, and Hartford. And there’s also the expectation that the money will spur development around those stations themselves. 

Most importantly, Malloy says the money…

“Will allow us to establish by 2016 regular rail service, going from 12 trips a day to well over 30 trips a day, and making improvements that will not only benefit the local delivery system but also benefit Amtrak along the entire corridor.”

The announcement brings the total federal funding to the project to $190 million.  It’s matched by $174 million in state funds.  The new money will pay to reinstall track from North Haven to Meriden, install about 20 miles of underground cabling, upgrade 28 crossings, and address at least 13 bridges and culverts.

John Porcari is the deputy U.S. secretary of transportation.

“By 2016, the segment between New Haven and Hartford will be completely double tracked, providing commuters more frequent and reliable train service and shorter trips.  Once completed, travel time between Springfield and New Haven will be cut by 10 minutes, with improved connectivity to New York City and beyond to the Northeast Corridor.”

Construction is expected to begin next year.

For WNPR, I’m Jeff Cohen.