Local Art Activates Change

Apr 21, 2011

Recently a vandal broke into St. Paul and St. James Episcopal church in New Haven.  The ransacked the chapel, broken windows and tore a bible. 

So, how did the church community respond?  With a message of forgiveness through music.  Several days later the most valuable stolen items  were returned to the front step.  It’s just one of many examples of local artists promoting social justice, tolerance and change through their work. 

We’ll hear about Music Haven’s program that brings free lessons and instruments to New Haven’s empowerment zone neighborhoods. 

And we talk to a young artist who recently painted a mural of Dancing Saints on the wall of a church in downtown New Haven as part of project to paint murals in homeless shelters and community centers around the country.  

And as public art enters the internet age, we’ll look at ways that social media is empowering artists to spread the word and coordinate large-scale projects that engage the international community.