Live from the International Festival of Arts and Ideas

John Dankosky, Nick Slie, Michael Twitty, Sal Trapani, and Mary Lou Aleskie (left to right)
Credit Brittany Hill / WNPR

Today we make our annual trip to one of our favorite shows each year - broadcast live from the International Festival of Arts and Ideas -- a fifteen-day celebration of arts and creativity in downtown New Haven. Each year, the festival fills the city with live music, theater, film, lectures, tours, and conversation.

We're joined by some of the artists and creators involved in this year’s festival, including Nick Slie of the New Orleans-based performance collective Mondo Bizarro, who’ll be discussing vanishing waterways, and Sal Trapani, a local theater professor and choir performer, who is part of a performance of the acclaimed play, “The Events.”

Throughout the program, we’ll also hear music by the String Quartet Truck -- an on-the-road classical music act featuring members of the Music Haven String Quartet.


  • Mary Lou Aleskie - Executive Director of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven
  • Nick Slie - Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of the New Orleans based performance collective Mondo Bizarro and Assistant Professor of Theater at Nunez Community College
  • Sal Trapani - Theater professor at WCSU; part of "The Events" choir performance
  • String Quartet Truck - Members of the Music Haven String Quartet bringing classical music to the streets of New Haven