Life As A Little Person

Nov 27, 2012

One very interesting and encouraging movement in modern life is the one that lures us away from conversations about normality and abnormality and toward ideas of diversity. 

We see it especially in the autism spectrum, and the term neurodiversity invites us to consider the way we're all wired a little differently. But one of the tougher hurdles comes up in the subject we're tackling today. For starters, there isn't even a commonly acccepted term for it anymore. The word "midget' has been dispensed with. The term "dwarf" does not please everybody. And the more preferred phrase "little people" is at best a little confusing. Today you'll hear stories from three people who are really, really, really not very tall. And that's a type of diversity. E-mail us: colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.