Keyword Searches for Newtown Commission Open Window Into Process

Feb 12, 2014

Credit State of Connecticut

The governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is continuing its work. As it does, the law firm that advises it has done a lot of legwork itself, making a searchable database out of the thousands of pages of the Connecticut State Police Newtown investigation.  

That database isn't public. It's the property of the law firm McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP. But the firm's attorney, Daniel Klau, told members of the commission that they could ask his firm to do keyword searches, and that he'd provide them.

Autism. Door. Hide. Intercom. Mental Health. Radio Communication. Treat. Windows. Those are some of the words that the members of the commission wanted to be used as keywords in searches.

And here's what those searches turned up. (The words and their responses were provided in response to an FOI request.) Click the link, and you'll find folders organized by keywords that were apparently of interest to the various members of the commission. Within each folder, you'll find the documents that are responsive to that keyword search.

To be clear, these collections are drawn from the same public documents that the state police released last year.  The only difference now is that some of them are organized in a way that could make them more useful.