Keith Phaneuf On The State Budget: Hospitals, Deficits and Taxes

May 7, 2013

Last week, the Connecticut Mirror ran a three part series by Keith Phaneuf on “Connecticut’s budget deficit, and why you should be worried.”  It paints a pretty bleak picture of the Malloy administration's attempt to get out from under the historic budget deficit they were handed, and how despite what he calls “gimmicks” the numbers moving forward just don’t add up.

Yesterday, we had our monthly check-in with Governor Dannel Malloy. Also joining us for a discussion on the state budget was Ben Barnes - the governor’s budget chief. We spent a good chunk of the hour talking about Keith’s reporting - some of which the governor and Barnes refuted.

Now, we’re joined by Keith Phaneuf to break down the governor’s arguments on hospital funding, the state budget deficit and taxes.

You can read Keith's response to Malloy's appearance in the Connecticut Mirror.