Joycelyn Elders and Dan Savage: Let's Talk About Sex

Oct 4, 2013

Joycelyn Elders, speaking in Hartford
Credit Arielle Levin-Becker
Joycelyn Elders is a doctor and a public health administrator and advocate. She was appointed the first African American surgeon general during the Clinton administration -- and then fired from her post  for some frank comments around sex and AIDS prevention. 

Today we’ll air an interview we taped last week. She was in Hartford for a talk about Health Equity sponsored by the Connecticut Health Foundation. 

She recounts her experience being kicked out of Washington, and talks about the importance of sex education to a nation that has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. 

 We'll also hear from author and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage before his appearance at the Connecticut Forum, where he’ll be part of a panel on Being Gay. 


  • Joycelyn Elders, pediatric endocrinologist, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas School of Medicing, sixteenth Surgeon General of the United States, public health advocate
  • Dan Savage, writer, TV personality, and activist. Advice columnist at Savage Love, and creator of the It Gets Better Project