It's A Two-Egg Scramble!

Feb 13, 2017

Democracy is so deeply rooted in American life that it’s hard to imagine another way of governing. But we may be living through through one of the most dangerous challenges to our democracy in a very long time.

The challenge won’t be obvious. We may not even know it’s happening because little will change...The economy will still grow, unemployment will stay low, we’ll still speak freely and hold elections.

The threat is more scary precisely because it seems...so normal.

Except it’s not normal. President Donald Trump has eroded the political norms respected by almost every president before him. He retains ties to his businesses, he mocks reporters and judges, he antagonizes global neighbors, and he makes up stories that simply aren’t true.

Yet Congress hasn’t stopped him. How free are we?

Later this hour: Reporter Jeff Cohen talks to Hartford Courant sports reporter Jeff Jacobs and journalist Tom Condon about the NHL coming back to Hartford. Maybe? Probably not. But maybe!


  • David Frum - Senior editor at The Atlantic and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush
  • Jeff Jacobs - Sports columnist for the Hartford Courant
  • Tom Condon - Writes about urban and regional issues for the ctmirror.org and was formerly a reporter, columnist, and editorial writer for the Hartford Courant

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John Dankosky, Jeff Cohen, Jonathan McNicol, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.