It's Our Secular(ish) Isms Bake Off!

Apr 7, 2016

It's Yale and New Haven Humanism Week in New Haven, and so we thought: Hey, wait. Just what the heck is a humanism exactly anyway?

And so then we thought: And what about, uh, agnosticism? Unitarianism? Universalism? Unitarian Universalism? Maybe even atheism?

Are these secular(ish) isms all cut from the same ism-shaped cookie cutter? Where do they overlap? Where do they disagree? And, really, we're Americans: Which one wins?!

So we're having a bake off. A cage match. A grudge match. A duel to the death!

Or, I mean, we'll have a nice, cordial discussion about these related but different ways of looking at the world.

Plus, maybe there'll be cookies.

The Yale Humanist Community’s Yale and New Haven Humanism Week runs through Saturday, April 9. The Green Light Project campaign runs for 40 days.


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Colin McEnroe and Betsy Kaplan contributed to this show.