Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Escalates; LIRR Strike Looms; World Cup Preview

A missile from the Israeli Iron Dome.
Credit Israeli Defense Forces / Creative Commons

Once again, violence has escalated in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Rockets are now reaching northern Israel and that government is responding with barrages of its own rocket attacks on Palestinian targets. We talk with a local professor who recently returned from the region and studies this on-going conflict.

We also check in on commuter rail problems on Long Island where a looming strike could shut down service.

This Sunday, an exciting World Cup comes to a close as Germany takes on Argentina in the finals. We'll hear from members of the local Argentinean and German communities.


  • Jeremy Pressman - Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Middle East Studies at the University of Connecticut
  • Kate Hinds - Associate Producer for WNYC News and reporter for Transportation Nation
  • Constanza Segovia - Graphic designer at CO:LAB and an Argentinean soccer fan
  • Dieter Parczany & Henry Bareiss - German School of Connecticut