The Internets

Apr 10, 2014
Originally published on March 4, 2015 11:22 am

Admit it, you spend too much time on the Internet. Never fear— all that procrastination should pay off in this final round, in which every answer features the letters "N-E-T" in consecutive order.

Heard in Episode 314: Let's Do This Thing

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We are ready to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from Jingle All the Way, Danielle Sherman, from Shaq to the Future, Rebecca Rindler, from We Are the Champions, Emily Skrezec and from Fruity Films, Ester Bloom.


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru, Mary Tobler will crown our winner.

MARY TOBLER, PUZZLE GURU: All right. His final-round is titled, The Internets. In this game, every answer will be a word or phrase was the letters N-E-T in it in consecutive order somewhere. For example, if I said, it's the steel blade sometimes attached to the end of a rifle, you'd answer bayonet. We're playing this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give us an answer. Last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand prize winner.

Remember, the letters N-E-T will appear in consecutive order. And here's a hint, the letters may span across towards. Are we ready? First up, Danielle. A stinging insect with nests that you should avoid stirring up.


GURU: Correct.


GURU: Rebecca, NBC, Fox and HBO are all examples of television what?


GURU: That's right.


GURU: Emily, a scientific field that deals with topics like heredity and cloning.


GURU: Nice work.


GURU: Ester, featuring the heads of various executive branch departments, it's the president's top group of advisers.


GURU: That's right.


GURU: Danielle, one of the founders of Impressionism, this French painter is perhaps best known for his water lilies.


GURU: Correct.


GURU: Rebecca, popular arboreal shape and sent for car fresheners.

RINDLER: Nettles.

GURU: I'm sorry. That's not were looking for. Emily, can you answer it? Popular arboreal shape and sent for car fresheners.

SKREZEC: I want to say peppermint, but I know it's not right.

GURU: No. Were looking for something with N-E-T. Ester?

BLOOM: Pine tree.

GURU: Pine tree is correct.


GURU: That means Rebecca and Emily, I'm sorry but you're out. Thank you so much, both of you.


GURU: So we're down to the final two, Danielle and Ester. Next up, Danielle, she was the first female attorney general in U.S.

SHERMAN: My mind is completely blank right now.


GURU: Ester, can you answer this for the win? She was the first female attorney general in U.S. history

BLOOM: Janet Reno.

GURU: That's correct.


GURU: Thank you, Danielle. Congratulations, Ester.

EISENBERG: Ester, you are our big ASK ME ANOTHER. And for your grand prize, our VIP Hannibal, has agreed to take you with him to an NBA game.


EISENBERG: Oh, yeah. Plus, you get an autographed copy of his comedy special "Animal Furnace" and tickets to his comedy show in Brooklyn. Enjoy.


EISENBERG: And thank you so much to Hannibal Buress.


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ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Mary Tobler.

GURU: Hey, my name anagrams to Later My Bro.

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GURU: Thou Jolt A Cannon.

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GURU: Hot Hill Blues.


EISENBERG: And our production partner, WNYC. I'm Her Ripe Begonias.

GURU: Ophira Eisenberg.



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