How Well Is Connecticut Caring for Its Child Mental Health Patients?

Sep 2, 2014

As the school year gets underway, the number of child psychiatric visits generally increases. But children are facing long wait times in emergency rooms around the state, especially for those coming in with mental health emergencies. 

This hour, we take a look at emergency room wait times for children with mental illness, how it's worsened over the years, and what needs to be done to help improve these families lives. 


  • Lisa Chedekel - Senior writer and co-founder of Connecticut Health Investigative Team 
  • Lynn Mangini - Child Psychiatrist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Jeffrey Vanderploeg, Ph.D. - Vice President of Mental Health Initiatives at the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
  • Sarah Eagan - Connecticut's Child Advocate
  • Sen. Beth Bye - Connecticut State Senator