How Does Your Animal Companion Show You Love?

Credit Melissa Logan

How does your animal companion let you know that you're loved? Has your dog or cat recognized your sadness? Has your animal ever tried to help you, even save you? 

There is a growing body of evidence, both anecdotal and based on studies, that shows dogs, cats, birds and other animals are sensitive to the moods and needs of their caretakers. There are stories describing an animal leaping into the lap of a crying caretaker; an animal summoning help when the caretaker is injured; an animal pushing a human to the ground to help the caretaker stay out of danger. 

While humans have become increasingly aware that companion animals are needy, the latest research shows that they are as interested in saving us as we are in saving them.

North Windham, Ct., vet Dr. Todd Friedland, our call-in guest, has spent decades observing and appreciating the complex dance between humans and their animal companions.

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