Hop on the Troubadour Train!

Oct 22, 2013

Today you're going to meet the new State Troubadour, Kristen Graves, and renew your acquaintance with three former troubadours.

I love the fact that Connecticut has this office. It's a tiny investment of state money, and I'm very confident that the rewards far exceed what we put in. I do have one question: All of our state troubadours have been folk singers with guitars (or dulcimers), as far as I know. Does it make sense to expand the paradigm a little? Could a rap artist like our friend Self Suffice be state troubadour? How about a jazz musician like pianist Noah Baerman?  I'm just asking. Maybe the notion of "troubadour" is so rooted in a tradition of itinerant folk singing that it just is what is.

Anyway, its time to meet the newest entry, the fifteenth in the line by my count. All of them will perform today, so sit back and relax.


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