Hearing Over Sexual Assaults on College Campuses; Connecticut Ranks Second in AP

Feb 11, 2014

The legislature’s higher education committee heard testimony on Tuesday over a bill aimed at improving sexual assault policies on Connecticut college campuses. The proposal would change how schools report sexual assaults involving both students and employees.

Connecticut Ranks Second in Advanced Placement Exams

Connecticut ranks second in the nation in the percentage of its public high school graduates passing Advanced Placement exams. A College Board report released on Tuesday said that 28.8 percent of Connecticut graduates scored a three or higher on an AP exam.

FAA Drone Investigation

The Federal Aviation Administration has opened an investigation of a drone recently used by an on-call employee in Hartford for a state television station. The FAA is developing new rules as the technology makes drones more versatile, but operators may face violation of  regulations by using drones for commercial purposes.

Bill to Overhaul CRRA 

A new bill by Governor Dannel Malloy is aimed at a major overhaul to the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority. CRRA handles waste for more than 50 towns. A report found more than a third of the company's 41 workers made more than a hundred-thousand dollars a year.

CBIA Says High Taxes Tough for Business

Officials with Connecticut Business and Industry Association say high taxes and regulations are making it harder for the state to attract business. The business group is planning to target Governor Dannel Malloy's proposed increase in the state's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. CBIA says that raising the minimum wage again will reduce hiring into entry-level jobs.