The Health Exchange in Connecticut

Oct 1, 2013

Credit Chion Wolf
Today’s the day the new Affordable Care Act kicks into gear.  

The health care reform known as “Obamacare” is creating state exchanges where those without insurance can buy it.  But how do these exchanges work? Who’s eligible and who’s not? What about all the myths, mysteries and misconceptions? How much is it really costing us?

And what about the fact that the federal government just -- y’know -- shut down?! 

President Obama seemed hopeful in an interview with NPR. He said, "We’re not going to delay the Affordable Care Act. There are millions  of Americans right now who do not have health insurance, and they are finally, after decades, going to be in a position where they can get affordable health care just like everybody else." 

This hour, we’ll be joined by health care experts, journalists and Kevin Counihan, who’s running the state exchange


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