Hartford Releases More Detail From Federal Subpoena

Oct 30, 2013

Credit Jeff Cohen / WNPR

The City of Hartford has released more information about the federal investigation into alleged corruption at city hall. Specifically, the subpoena confirms that the federal grand jury is looking into the relationship between the city and Hybrid Insurance Group. 

Update 4:25 pm: It turns out the city wasn't the only recipient of a subpoena.  The Hartford Public Schools got one, too. We'll summarize below. 

The city initially delayed its release of the documents in deference to federal prosecutors. Mayor Pedro Segarra said last week that he couldn't release the complete subpoena because he didn't want to compromise the ongoing investigation. Then, city attorneys said they questioned whether the subpoena itself was "sealed."

They've apparently concluded that it isn't. 

A quick read of the federal subpoena reveals just what it is that investigators are looking for. That includes all records of financial transactions between the city and Hybrid; all contracts and agreements between the city and Hybrid and its related insurers; and all memos, meetings, internal reports, and other documents related to Hybrid.

Specifically, the feds want all related emails sent to or by Mayor Pedro Segarra, former Finance Director Julio Molleda (the subpoena says Jose Molleda, but our guess is that it's Julio), Treasurer Adam Cloud, and Hybrid CEO Earl O'Garro or his employees.

It also now appears that the feds served the Hartford Public Schools with a subpoena, too. It asks for much of the same types of information. But it asks for emails of different people regarding Hybrid and Cloud -- including Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, Chief Financial Officer Paula Altieri, risk manager John Griffin, and Board Chairman Matt Poland.

Lastly, the document provided by the schools also includes a cover letter from the U.S. Attorney's office. It asks that the schools not disclose the subpoena. 

"Although you are not required to comply with this request, disclosure may interfere with the investigation," the letter said.