Hartford Police Officer Pitching Real Life Crime Drama

May 3, 2011

One of our subjects today is a web TV drama about cops and gangs in Hartford. "Second District" is very much in the mode of "The Wire."  

Unfortunately, Hartford is the kind of place that would make a great setting for a crime drama. "The Wire" depicted Baltimore as a city unable to control is burgeoning drug trade and weakened by political corruption, a sagging school system, an influx of of shady operators and a police department often working at cross purposes with itself. Those of us who follow the news of Hartford on a daily basis see, alas, too many of those same qualities. The city's police force seems stretched thin and sometime unable to do much more than shrug its shoulders at crime.  Political leadership has been weak and, at times, corrupt. There's another film treatment, a documentary called "The Sweetest Land" coming this fall. 

Also, listen for an interview on marriage, plants and quantum entanglement with artist Jonathon Keats.

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