Federal Law Enforcement Officals Subpoena Hartford City Hall Records

Oct 25, 2013

Hartford City Hall.
Credit mrceder / Creative Commons

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra confirmed that federal agents have served a subpoena on city hall. Segarra said he hasn't read the subpoena and doesn't know what it's for. "I have had a conversation with our legal department," he said. "They informed me that a subpoena was received in connection with a federal investigation. I have not read the subpoena, so I'm not familiar with what the subpoena states, or what it is requesting."

The Hartford Courant is reporting that investigators are looking into the relationship between city treasurer Adam Cloud and the Hybrid Insurance Group, which has failed to pay $670,000 in city insurance premiums. 

Listen to Segarra's press conference here:

At his press conference, Mayor Pedro Segarra said, "For now, I'm asking [the city's legal department] to fully cooperate. I understand and value and respect the public's right to know any of this information, but at the same time, I want to honor and comply with the U.S. Attorney's request that we, as they continue any investigation, not comment on the matter."

Cloud has long denied allegations that he had anything to do with giving city business to Hybrid and its CEO Earl O'Garro, who also happens to rent office space from Cloud's family, and has hired Cloud's brother as his lobbyist. But, as we've noted in recent stories, emails obtained from city hall seem to contradict Cloud's defense. Also, it appears that Cloud and O'Garro know each other fairly well.