Esty Admits Mistakes, Outlines Future Policies

Oct 12, 2011

What a bumpy ride it has been for Connecticut new environment and energy commissioner Dan Esty.

Esty blew into office looking like a natural fit with the administration of Jed Bartlett on West Wing. He was exactly the kind of quick-witted, telegenic, academically certified office-holder that Aaron Sorkin tended to craft for "the West Wing."

Nine months later, Esty is struggling to beat back headlines about a couple of controversial interventions and his failure to intervene in an equally controversial land swap.

He began by setting the ethics bar higher than is customary for Connecticut officials. He now finds himself flailing in a pond of questions about how his past business associations affect his conduct in office. Esty outlines his future plans and admits some of his mistakes on today's show.

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