Dealey Plaza, Same-Day Voter Registration, and Chess

Nov 18, 2013

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the site of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Credit Stu Seeger on Flickr Creative Commons

Why do we visit historical sites? Commentator Mike Pesca wants to talk  about the value of seeing a place, especially one like Dallas' Dealey Plaza about which arguments have raged for decades. Mike says there's a difference between watching a NOVA special and walking through the place with your own eyes open.

Paul Bass, from the New Haven Independent, will bring us up to speed on three stories, including one from the weekend about a stretch limo that transported women to and from a drug and alcohol treatment center so they could vote on Election Day.  You can link to it here.

And, we'll connect with Susan Polgar, the chess Grandmaster who broke the game's gender barrier. She's in Chennai, India, covering the match between Carlsen and Anand, the first chess championship in decades to cross-over and ignite the players. 

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  • Mike Pesca is a sports reporter for NPR and a panelist on Slate's weekly sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen.
  • Paul Bass is Editor of The New Haven Independent.
  • Grandmaster Susan Polgar is the winner of 4 World Championships and 5 Olympic Gold Medals in chess and Director of SPICE, the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence and Head Coach of the Webster University Chess Team.