DCF Developing Children's Behavioral Needs Plan; DEEP Commissioner Discusses Climate Change

Jan 15, 2014


The proposal to address the behavioral, mental, and emotional needs of children is a requirement passed under legislation that was passed by the General Assembly last year. The plan is in response to the shooting in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. DCF is looking to create the plan with help from families along with experts and other advocates. It should be completed by October.

Commissioner Esty Talks About Climate Change

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel Esty spoke at the annual meeting of the Norwalk Land Trust on Monday. Esty said with a commitment to renewable energy while keeping the industry competitive,  Connecticut remains on the front lines in the war against climate change. He said the state has developed strategies for lowering the cost of renewables.

UCONN Report Finds No Impact on Home Prices from Wind Turbines

The report looked at more than 120,000 Massachusetts home sales and found wind turbines have little affect on prices. The paper tracked data spanning a 14-year period. Researchers did acknowledge there was no impact found in Massachusetts but that does not guarantee Connecticut policymakers there would be no impact here as well. In November, lawmakers blocked a proposal outlining siting procedures for building new turbines, an effort that placed a moratorium on wind power in the state. Property values of houses analyzed in the study ranged between $40,000 to $2.5 million.

State Democrats Announce 2014 Agenda

House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said one action that needs to be taken now is reduction of the regulatory burden on small businesses. Sharkey also said closer examination of the state’s port system is needed in order to make it the economic engine it needs to be.