Connecticut Prepares for Sale of Medical Marijuana

Later this summer, certain patients will be able to legally purchase medical marijuana in Connecticut.
Credit Rusty Blazenhoff / Creative Commons

Approved patients will soon be able to obtain medical marijuana…legally. The marijuana producers who were approved by the state earlier this year will start to get their product out to dispensaries later this summer.

We talk with Commissioner William Rubenstein from the Department of Consumer Protection about the state’s medical marijuana program. 

Are you registered with the state to receive medical marijuana? How has the process been for you?

We also check in with other parts of the country that have legalized medical marijuana, and are at different stages of the rollout process.


  • William Rubenstein - Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
  • Martha Bebinger - Reporter for WBUR
  • Jesse McKinley - Reporter for The New York Times
  • Jacob Sullum - Senior editor of Reason magazine