Connecticut Lt. Governor Opposes Federal Budget Cuts to National Guard

Apr 29, 2014

Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor joined her counterparts nationwide to express concerns over possible federal budget cuts to the National Guard. 

In a letter to the President on Tuesday, Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman and 38 other lieutenant governors voiced their opposition to potential cuts in the 2015 U.S Army draft budget that would return National Guard spending to pre-2001 levels. 

Wyman and her colleagues said the cuts would have the opposite effect of serving state and national security interests. They support maintaining operational capabilities of the National Guard, which they call a unique force because its shared by the states and the federal government.

According to the Connecticut National Guard, more than 5,000 guardsmen and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. The lieutenant governors' letter is similar to one sent by the National Governors Association in February, which Dannel Malloy signed, as well.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate Defense Subcommittee on Appropriations will hear testimony from the National Guard's military adviser to the President.