Connecticut Farmers To Receive State Assistance

Jun 24, 2013

Connecticut is offering $5 million in emergency assistance for farmers who have been hurt by severe weather.

Governor Dannel Malloy announced yesterday that the assistance may be used to repair damaged property, replant lost crops, purchase feed, apply fertilizer and perform activities needed for recovery.

Agriculture Commissioner Steven Reviczky says the rough winter in early 2011, Hurricane Irene, the October snow storm, Superstorm Sandy, this year's blizzard, and recent rain have taken a toll on farmers.

"They're a resilient lot but these kinds of weather challenges are really extreme," said Reviczky.

The state is helping local farmers because federal crop insurance primarily helps big farms involved in commodity production like wheat, sugar and soy beans.

Nurseries and greenhouses are also eligible for state assistance. That sector was severely hurt by structural collapses due to heavy snowfall.

Farmers can begin applying for assistance today and have until July 15 to complete their application.