Connecticut on the Cutting Edge

Dec 29, 2016

From self-driving cars to 3D printing to hydrokinetic energy technology, New Englanders are at the forefront of the latest cutting edge tech. 

This hour, we explore the latest gadgets and tech trends and learn about their impact locally and around the globe.

We talk with a longtime automotive writer and broadcaster about self-driving car technology — the software is turning up in cars made by Tesla and Hyuandai among others. Would you want a self driving car? Also, we’ve all heard about 3D printing by now. We talk with one Connecticut company about how it’s using the technology to make cranial implants and products for airplanes and satellites.

Get an inside look through CPTV's video below:

Plus, we hear from another Connecticut company that’s working at the cellular level to make cancer treatment more efficient. And we learn about one of the latest trends in renewable energy — hydrokinetic power. The idea is to harness energy from moving water — whether it’s our oceans or rivers. What would this mean for New England?


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Chion Wolf and Catie Talarski contributed to this show, which originally aired on September 6, 2016.