Classical Music and Beatboxing

Sep 22, 2011

We like symphony orchestras, but we know also that to survive, they have to rethink almost everything they've ever done. They know how to put on a concert, but do they know how to put on a show? Carolyn Kuan, the young new conductor of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra is taking this challenge head on. Kuan has worked in the past on lavish out-of-the-box productions, most notably a work fusing the multi-media images of Franz Lanting with a score by Philip Glass. The challenge always, is to preserve the integrity of a symphony concert while injecting something new and lively. Like beatboxing, a form of vocal percussion associated with hiphop. We'll catch up with Carolyn today as she gets ready for a massive free concert in Bushnell Park, and we'll teach you -- and Chion Wolf-- about beatboxing. We have a lot of beatboxers here today.

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