Cinema Scuffle! With David Edelstein and A. O. Scott

Jan 9, 2014

Credit ToastyKen, Flickr Creative Commons

My two favorite film critics, A.O. Scott and David Edelstein, appear on the show today, and we've got a longer list of topics than we can possibly get to. I'm interested in the way a lot of the recent hit movies take little bites of our recent past: "Inside Llewyn Davis" tackles 1961. "American Hustle" bestrides the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s. "The Wolf of Wall Street" started with the Crash of '87 and pans forward into the 1990s. Suddenly, for Baby Boomers, the stretch of our living memory is a series of period pieces and costume dramas.

These are also movies about aspiration and -- in the case of two of them -- about the sense that the only way to beat a rigged system is to participate in its corruption.  The risk is losing one's soul.

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  • David Edelstein is a film critic for New York Magazine and for NPR's Fresh Air, and an occasional commentator on film for "CBS Sunday Morning."
  • A.O. Scott is a film critic for The New York Times