Celebrating The Hartford Courant's 250th Year

This year, The Hartford Courant celebrates its 250th year of publication.
Credit NS Newsflash / Creative Commons

For centuries, Connecticut has housed one of American journalism’s greatest gems: The Hartford Courant. In 1764, a New Haven printer by the name of Thomas Green founded the capital-based newspaper. Since then, The Courant has evolved into an established and highly revered news enterprise, circulating well over 100,000 copies to readers each day.

Now, thanks to years of professional writing and reporting, The Courant is celebrating its 250th year of publication, thus maintaining its status as the nation’s oldest continuously-running newspaper. 

As part of The Hartford Courant’s yearlong 250th celebration, we welcome some former and current staff members into our studio. Together, we reflect on the past two and a half centuries of journalism, and see what’s in store for The Courant’s future as it faces an evolving and competitive news market.


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of WNPR's The Colin McEnroe Show; weekly columnist and blogger for The Hartford Courant 
  • Joe Nunes - Former copy chief at The Hartford Courant 
  • Claude Albert - Former managing editor of The Hartford Courant 
  • Andrew Julien​ - Editor of The Hartford Courant