Budget Deadlines: "We Can't Afford... To Send Letters"

May 31, 2017

With one week left in the legislative session, the pressure's on for lawmakers to come up with a budget. This week, Governor Dannel Malloy teamed up with Republican leader Len Fasano to come up with a plan. Malloy wrote a letter to lawmakers on Tuesday morning urging immediate action. 

The governor got pushback from House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, who said in a press briefing, "We can't afford the opportunity to just continue to send letters to each other." 

This hour, we get the latest on the state budget, union concessions, and last-minute legislation. We also talk about the future of Aetna headquarters, and crumbling foundations in the quiet corner.   


  • Keith Phaneuf - Budget reporter at The Connecticut Mirror 
  • Daniela Altimari - Statehouse reporter at The Hartford Courant 
  • Max Reiss - Politics reporter at NBC Connecticut 

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