Blue Collar Tech Jobs Highlighted in "Hidden STEM Economy"

Jun 16, 2013

Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford

A new report out from Brookings confirms what many in Connecticut might have suspected: science, technology, engineering and math skills are vital to more than just universities and pharma companies. In fact, the study estimates 20 percent of all jobs -- about 26 million around the nation -- are dependent on a high level of skill in one of the STEM disciplines. That's a huge increase over previous estimates. And parts of Connecticut are even more closely tied to STEM knowledge: the Greater Hartford metro is 11th out of 100 surveyed around the country in its economic dependence on STEM-skill jobs:

The Greater Hartford Metro scores high in Brookings' survey.
Credit The Brookings Institution

The report says half of all STEM-related jobs are available to workers who don't have a four-year bachelors' degree. And Brookings says that means we need a rethink on how we invest in worker education. Report author Jonathan Rothwell spoke with WNPR's Harriet Jones:

You can read the full report here.