Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads 2012

Feb 6, 2012

Do Super Bowl commercials hold up a mirror to, well, anything? Maybe, by the time you've paid three or four or seven million dollars for the time, plus your production costs, you've entered such a realm of insanity that it would be impossible to connect your final product back to anything going on in the real world.

Today, we'll be analyzing a lot of the ads you saw yesterday. Some of them can only be discussed in terms of whether they worked or not. Did they entertain you? Did they make you want to buy a Chevy or a bag of Doritos?

Others may merit deeper analysis. GE and Chrysler came forward with  commercials about the future of America manufacturing.

Toyota Camry may have slipped in the closest thing to a gay-friendly ad we've ever seen.
And it is, obviously, the duty of very American to know more about LMFAO. 

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