The Beak: Electing A New Connecticut State Bird - March Madness Style

Mar 16, 2012

The Robin has had it too easy for too long here in Connecticut. It was named our state bird by law in 1943. And what has it done since then? The robin's scientific name is turdus migratorius, but, as you may have noticed, not all of them do migrate. A small percentage of robins, for whatever reason stick around during the winter. More of them are males than females, which figures. "I'm cold? Are you cold?" That's just Stuff Female Robins Say.

The males who stay here have a big advantage when everybody else comes back, because they will have occupied all the prime breeding territories for several weeks. So if any of this is due to genetic wiring, we should see more and more winter robins.

Meanwhile, prompted by a column in the Danbury News Times, we decided to put the Connecticut state bird job in play. And now that the men's basketball team has lost, some of you need a new rooting interest. So let's go.

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