Atheists, Humanists and "Nones"

Aug 1, 2012

While political candidates are quick to claim a religious faith, you sometimes have to wonder to whom they are speaking.

A recent Pew Center report said 19 percent of Americans claim no religious affiliation. A Trinity College report said that the so-called “nones” – spelled n-o-n-e-s – are the fastest growing group on the religion landscape. Who are the nones, and why do they matter?

And you might think Hartford is an epicenter of some kind of movement within the religious landscape. Last October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation held its annual convention in Hartford – in part because members wanted to tour the home of that famous agnostic, Mark Twain. A report done in part by Trinity College said that the one group that has grown in every state – including Connecticut – were people who profess no religious affiliation.

Today, we’ll talk with a Connecticut humanist, a Connecticut atheist – and there is a difference – as well as someone from that Trinity College report.