An Argument To Self Publish

Jan 18, 2012

It seems oddly fitting that today we're doing a show about performers and writers who, rather than seek the approval of publishers and entertainment companies, put everything together on their own. They produce. They publish. They market. They, if all goes well, collect.

Even as we speak about that, we're in the midst of a face-off between the big entertainment companies and the Internet culture that made possible the the DIY revolution we're taking about. Internet sites are going dark for the day. And representatives, notably Chris Dodd, of big entertainment companies, are denouncing them. How dare Wikipedia stop doing things for free, right? And, in fact, we're doing a show tomorrow about the clash over SOPA.

But today we're going to talk about the new model for creative people. The ones that skip around the entertainment giants and talk directly to the readers and fans.

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