America, We Need To Talk: Take a Vacation

Jul 12, 2012

Everyone counts down the days to vacation, right? Well not in America...it seems we’d rather keep working.

Yes, despite all the data that time off makes you happier, healthier and MORE productive, a majority of americans - some 57percent had unused vacation time at the end of 2011, and most of them left an average of 11 days on the table.

Meanwhile, profits per-employee are at a 10 year high. What if we just cut into those corporate profits by taking a day we’ve earned here and there?

The rest of the world seems to get it: The British mandate 28 paid days off! France and Greece 25 days! Even the Chinese - the country we fear is manically running us into the ground economically - they give workers 10 days off a year.

So, why aren’t Americans taking vacation? Don’t we know that all the problems that plague us as a nation - obesity, depression, anxiety, can just be cured by a few days off?

We’ll consider America’s Vacation Deficit disorder - and we want to hear from you.