All The Scramble's Men

Oct 19, 2015

Bob Woodward thought he knew everything about Watergate. Then Alexander Butterfield, now in his late 80's, told him there were other stories never spoken of. Woodward focuses on these stories in his latest book on the Watergate scandal called The Last of the President's Men. This hour, we hear from the legendary Washington Post journalist.

Also, the Wesleyan Argus faces an uncertain financial future. In September, the paper published an op-ed criticizing the "Black Lives Matter" movement. The backlash now threatens funding for The Argus next year.


  • Rebecca Brill - Co-editor-in-chief of the Wesleyan Argus
  • Gabe Rosenberg - Executive editor of the Wesleyan Argus
  • Bob Woodward - Associate editor at The Washington Post and author of The Last of the President's Men


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Chion Wolf and Betsy Kaplan contributed to this show.