From Agritourism to Solar Energy — How Farming is Evolving in the Nutmeg State

Aug 23, 2016

Connecticut’s early settlers came to this region in part for our fertile farmland — but what is the state of farming in Connecticut today?

This hour, we explore agriculture in the Nutmeg State.

We dig into the growing industry of agritourism ahead of an upcoming conference on the topic, and we find out how agritourism can pose dangers to our health if not properly regulated. We explore the economic impact of agriculture in Connecticut and we talk to farmers about what it actually means to embrace “farm to table.” 

We see how farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture are faring and we’ll find out how new farmers can find success in the industry. Plus, is our quest for solar energy taking away land that would otherwise be used for growing crops?


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Lucy Nalpathanchil, Lydia Brown and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.