Access and Equity: Can We Get Affordable Care to All of Connecticut?

Nov 12, 2013

Last week we recorded the 2nd Health Equity Forum in the CPTV studios.
Credit Catie Talarski / WNPR

Last week, we recorded our second “Health Equity Forum” in collaboration with the Connecticut Health Foundation. In our first of these town halls, we began with these sobering statistics: In Connecticut, pregnant black women are 2x more likely to deliver a smaller baby early, black men are 2x more likely to die of prostate cancer than white men, with overall life expectancy for black men significantly shorter than for their white peers.

And we could continue to read you numbers like that to define why this health equity project exists - in short: Members of minority groups in America suffer far worse health outcomes than their white peers.

Now, there’s a new variable in this discussion - The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare.” So that’s the topic of today's discussion. “Access and Equity: Can We Get Affordable Care to all of Connecticut?”


  • Ida Colón - Health educator with the Hispanic Health Council
  • Kevin Counihan - CEO, Access Health CT
  • Gregory Jones - Chairman, Omega Foundation of Hartford
  • Fred McKinney, Ph.D. - President and CEO, Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council