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Remember Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice?

Tech Talk

Mar 8, 2011
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It's Tech Talk time, featuring the guys from Digital Saviors in Simsbury. We'll tell you about tablet devices, computers, viruses, and apps. Whether you're a techie or new to the whole thing, don't miss our discussion of what's out there and what you need to know about it, including the new iPad 2, just unveiled.

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The Essex Winter Series's goal is to bring the finest music, in live performance, to the Connecticut River Valley and Shoreline Region during the winter months and to cultivate its appreciation to the widest audience.

National Geographic

Could it be true?!  The lost city of Atlantis has been found!  Well, not yet, but a University of Hartford archeologist is on the case.

Dear Mrs. Kennedy

Mar 7, 2011
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From the bestselling author of Kennedy Weddings and Diana and Jackie comes a powerful and moving collection of the condolence letters Jacqueline Kennedy received after the assassination of John F. Kennedy

In the weeks and months following the assassination of her husband, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy received more than one million letters. The impact of President Kennedy’s death was so immense that people from every station in life wrote to her, sharing their feelings of sympathy, sorrow, and hope. 

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Pets on Wheels of Connecticut believes that no one should be denied their own pet. They make a difference one pet and one person at a time. 

Farai Chideya

Mar 7, 2011

Farai Chideya has been following the intersections of race and gender, pop culture and politics for years.  During the 2010 campaign, she hosted a series of election specials for public radio in association with her blog, “pop and politics” – where she traveled the country, talking to voters about their lives and what drives their votes.  She joined us to talk about African American women in politics.

Slow Cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage Courtesy of Chris Prosperi

3 pounds corned beef raw with spice packet cut into 2 inch pieces

2 cups onions 1 inch dice

½ pound carrots cut into large pieces

1 pound red potatoes – scrubbed clean

2 cups low sodium beef broth

1 head cabbage cut into 2 inch pieces

½ cup whole grain mustard

¼ cup sour cream

Blood. Guts. Pride. Wrath.

The ancient clash of armies outside the walls of Troy is a cornerstone of Western literature. In The Rage of Achilles, Terence Hawkins brilliantly reimagines that titanic encounter. His stunningly original telling captures the brutality of the battlefield, the glory and the gore, in language that never relents. 

Wolfie's Songs!

Mar 5, 2011

“The Great White Hurricane” of 1888

Mar 5, 2011

As Connecticut emerges from beneath the record amounts of snow left by a series of storms that started in December and continued into February, residents should temper their relief with caution. For it was in the middle of March that the most massive and destructive snowstorm in New England history struck: the Blizzard of 1888.

Paper Trails: Back to School to Re-read Feminist Classics

Mar 4, 2011

As an 17-year-old freshwoman at Barnard College, Stephanie Staal took a survey class in which she read Mary Wollstonecraft, Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan — great feminist classics. Over a decade later, 100 percent older, she decided to return to Barnard to re-take the class, and re-read those books. She wanted to see if they meant something more, or different, to her now that she was a wife, a mother, and a thirtysomething.

Michelle Lee

While the quaint, nearly empty road of Main Street stood quietly on a cold, snowy Saturday evening, one spot was waiting to be packed with energy. At Vinnie’s Jump and Jive Community Dance Hall, a classic urban event was about to take place: Battle Royale 2011 Winter Edition, a break-dance tournament.

 Renowned film critic David Thomson plumbs the horror and inspiration of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest film.

Cop in the Hood

Mar 4, 2011