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July 6 - 10, 2015

MONDAY: Rep. Jim Himes
Connecticut’s 4th district congressman joins us this hour for an update from his district and Washington. Despite some Tweets you may have seen, Himes does not intend on playing in the NBA. We’ll check-in with him and discuss some of the big topics from the nation’s capital over the last few months including President Obama’s big trade deal, and changes in how the U.S. collects intelligence. You can join the conversation with questions for Rep. Jim Himes on Where We Live.

TUESDAY: This Land Trust Was Made For You And Me (rebroadcast)
With the latter half of the 20th century came the rise of a new land conservation movement. Private, non-profit land trusts became increasingly popular among those interested in preserving land across the United States. Connecticut alone is home to 137 land trusts, the third most of any state in the country. This hour, we take a closer look at some of these land trusts, and their role in conserving land for future generations.              

WEDNESDAY: Rise of the Drones: Implications and Ethics in the Age of Robotic Warfare (rebroadcast)
For over a decade now, when we've heard about military drones, we've likely been hearing about the Predator-- that peculiar, pilotless aircraft, patrolling the deserts and preying on its targets below. Indeed the iconic image of this modern day killer and tales of its near-autonomous deeds have been featured in the news, magazines and even Hollywood movies.But despite its prominence in both the news and pop culture alike, the Predator is far from the only bot on the battlefield. Aside from numerous other aerial varieties, there are currently land, sea and even a secretive space-based drone in operation. So what will this mean for the future of warfare? 

THURSDAY: Jazz: Will it Flourish, Or Will it Falter? (rebroadcast)
2014 Nielsen report yielded some dismaying news for jazz connoisseurs: the once-coveted genre is now one of the least-consumed in the United States. But why are so many turning away from jazz, and toward other styles of music like rock, pop, and country? This hour, a panel of experts and musicians weigh in, and share their thoughts on jazz's future both in America and abroad.

FRIDAY : Connecticut Eccentricities Revisited... Again!
After a long hiatus, it's time for us to revisit our show on Connecticut eccentricities. We'll talk to a panel of local experts and learn about the many things make our state unique. And we want to hear from you... What makes your town different from the rest? What local history is important where you live? 

The Colin McEnroe Show
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July 6 - 10, 2015

MONDAY: The Festival of New Musicals at Goodspeed (rebroadcast)
So, you think it's easy to write a Broadway song? I say not so fast. The four aspiring writing teams that attended Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals this past January say it's plenty hard. They spend a lot of time kicking around ideas, most of which never see the light of day. But, really, they have no choice. "If you can do anything else, you do do anything else," says Marcy Heisler, one half of one of our amazing teams.  So, why do it? Because there's nothing like hitting that right note and knowing you've got it, like in the final performance you'll hear from Alex and James, the brave team that volunteered to write a song in 45 minutes!  And, while a Broadway hit would be great, it's about a whole lot more than that. Besides, who needs Broadway when there's YouTube?

TUESDAY: Which Writers Get Museums? (rebroadcast)
Mark Twain has many literary sites; yet Henry James has none. You can visit Edith Wharton's house but not Shirley Jackson's. You can walk where Wallace Stevens walked but you can't buy a ticket to go through his front door. And can you believe there's no single museum devoted to all American writers-- yet? New England is about to get two great new writers’ museums: The Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield, Massachusetts and-- if we're lucky-- the Maurice Sendak Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Today we look at who gets a writer's house and why-- and what sort of experience we’re looking for when we make pilgrimages to the desks of our literary heroes.

WEDNESDAY: Podcasting Is Here To Stay
Podcasts have been around for about 10 years, making slow yet steady progress with programming like This American Life and Radiolab, podcast favorites that are mostly an extension of public radio favorites. But, there's a lot of great podcasts out there that strive for greater diversity than can be found on public radio - and lots more creative freedom to do it. And, new networks and business models are attracting sizable audiences and advertising revenue to fuel the podcast fire. Mark Oppenheimer guest-hosts.

THURSDAY: Having Big Families Isn't Easy in 2015
When I was a child in the 1960's,  it was not uncommon to have friends with 5 or 6 siblings. I was one of 4. But, times have changed. For all sorts of reasons - economic, work, personal preference, religion - lots of parents are having less children today than was common in the previous generation. And, as family size has decreased, societal attitudes about larger families have become increasingly negative. Despite these challenges, many families, especially those with highly educated moms, are looking bucking social trends to enjoy the richness of a life with lots of kids. And no, they're not crazy, just in case you're wondering. Mark Oppenheimer guest-hosts.

FRIDAY: The Nose
Why is America so over air-conditioned? I mean, why do I need to wear a coat over my shorts in the store when it's 85 degrees outside? That's one question our weekly Nose panelists might tackle this week on Connecticut's favorite cultural roundtable.

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July 6 - 10, 2015

MONDAY: Are Devices Taking Over Our Lives? 
Simple cell phones are disappearing as smartphones and tablets get smarter and cheaper. Meanwhile our own communication habits are changing. We text… check our email, Facebook accounts, and Instagram stream. We all know people who do these things more or less continuously, throughout the day. To some, this is a way of life; to others it’'s an annoyance that crosses a line. Today we'’ll look at how we use our devices to stay connected, and ask, do manners even matter?


WEDNESDAY: The Food Schmooze 
We're celebrating summer with a fabulous frozen summer punch from our contributor and bartender Anthony DeSerio. And we'll tell you how to make crispy coconut shrimp with tropical rice and mouth-watering tandoori chicken on the grill. Plus, we'll tell you about the best stain remover on the planet. Join the Food Schmooze® gang.

THURSDAY: The ADHD Advantage 
Every day, children of concerned parents are handed a quick diagnosis of ADHD and an open-ended prescription for medication. What if ADHD traits just need a little expert coaxing to function as competitive advantages and assets for success in business, athletics, school, and every other facet of life? We'll talk with psychiatrist Dr. Dale Archer about his new book, The ADHD Advantage.

SATURDAY: The Food Schmooze 
We're celebrating summer with a fabulous frozen summer punch from our contributor and bartender Anthony DeSerio. And we'll tell you how to make crispy coconut shrimp with tropical rice and mouth-watering tandoori chicken on the grill. Plus, we'll tell you about the best stain remover on the planet. Join the Food Schmooze® gang.