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Week of July 4, 2016

MONDAY: Hamilton: A Story of US (Special)
In New York City this spring, thousands of students from underserved neighborhoods saw the Broadway musical Hamilton as part of an innovative American history curriculum. Captivated by the hip hop music and engaging with both historic and contemporary issues, the students explore the stories and personalities of America's Revolution in their own words and musical performances. Hamilton: A Story of US is a NPR special that features the voices of the students, the Hamilton cast members, biographer Ron Chernow, the irresistible super hit Hamilton score, and Pulitzer Prize winner Lin-Manuel Miranda -- who says that Hamilton is "a story about America then, told by America now."

TUESDAY: Obama's Years (Part One)
Obama's Years is a two-part radio documentary that explores how life has changed for Americans over the last eight years. In the first hour, NPR's Steve Inskeep travels the country to places in which President Obama delivered speeches, and checks in with Americans living in those places to ask about their perspectives on the issues the president discussed. From Denver to Wichita to Philadelphia, audiences will hear people talk about their jobs, aspirations and family life. They'll discuss issues like healthcare, immigration, guns and race relations and how those issues have played into their lives in the last eight year.

WEDNESDAY: Obama's Years (Part Two)
In the second hour of this special coverage, Steve Inskeep will sit down with President Obama at the White House and ask the president how he thinks the country has changed during his presidency. Inskeep will also talk to the President about the thoughts, ideas and lives of the people he met during the reporting for this documentary.

THURSDAY: 50 Years of Your "Right to Remain Silent"; the Latest in Food Insecurity (Rebroadcast)
Most of us know the Miranda rights -- our "right to remain silent" -- even if we've never been arrested. But do you know the full history behind them? This hour, we talk to a local public defender about the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Miranda v. Arizona. Later, we also look at some of the latest local and national trends in food insecurity. Did you know that an estimated 13 percent of Connecticut residents are food insecure? We find out why and what's being done to help those in need.

FRIDAY: Tales from the Trail: The Story of American Hiking Culture (Rebroadcast)
Each year, millions of hikers test their limits on trails like the Appalachian and Pacific Crest. This hour, we hear some of their stories. We also learn about a groundbreaking -- or perhaps we should say "trailblazing" -- new book on the history of American hiking culture.


The Colin McEnroe Show
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Week of July 4, 2016

MONDAY: America's Test Kitchen Radio (Special)
Meathead Goldwyn, editor of calls himself a Barbecue Whisperer, a Hedonism Evangelist, and a Culinary Mythbuster. We talk about his new book, Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling, and learn the secrets of becoming a grill master. And, we check in with Dan Pashman of the Sporkful podcast, who previously joined Colin to talk about the VeggieDucken. 

TUESDAY: The Scramble
The Republican National Convention in Cleveland is only a few short weeks away. Normally polished and high-profile affairs, political presidential conventions give a platform to rising political stars and energize political parties for the upcoming race to the presidency. This year is different: the Trump campaign's preparations are chaotic and freewheeling and a lot of Republicans are refusing to attend and bypassing the opportunity to speak. We talk to Politico's Alex Isenstadt and others about the latest political news.

WEDNESDAY: Are We Still Living in a Democracy?
Americans no longer feel their vote carries much clout in determining the policy decisions that most affect their lives. Yet, some lament the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as a sign that populist will is dangerously breaching the barriers put in place by our Founding Fathers that reserved the big decisions to educated leaders of representative government. In a time when many see government as no longer responsive to the needs of the people, do we have too much democracy - or not enough?

THURSDAY: An Appreciation of Clouds
Here's our thesis: Clouds are unfairly maligned. No one likes a cloudy sky. A cloud on the horizon is seen as a harbinger of doom. We feel like clouds need to have silver linings. But consider this: From almost any vantage point (literally -- any vantage point in the universe), clouds are planet Earth's defining characteristic. They're what changes, what moves. They're what's going on on our pale blue dot. Clouds are, after all, the vehicle that spreads the sun's energy across the planet, an 'expression of the atmosphere's moods.' This hour, an appreciation of clouds.

FRIDAY: The Nose
This week's Nose panel jumps back into the latest news in culture after a vacation last week.


Faith Middleton Food Schmooze®
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Saturdays at noon

Week of July 28, 2016

THURSDAY and SATURDAY: The Food Schmooze®
No pizza dough, no problem. This week, we've got all the lighting fast and fun ways to make pizza on the grill—even with a baguette or tortilla. In fact, Faith's new favorite "instant" pizza: chicken and watermelon with cheese on a corn tortilla. You'll want to steal this idea. For the scratch-cooks out there: a homemade pizza dough recipe from the editor of the new book The Total Grilling Manual, Lisa Atwood. Lisa also shares recipes for Grilled Peaches with Butter-Rum Glaze and amped up S'mores (think way beyond the grahams and chocolate). This one's for you, campfire cooks! Plus, the gang experiments with beer ice cubes. Will the beer freeze enough and will the cubes keep our mugs ice cold? We shot video to answer that question. Listen (and watch!). It's a Food Schmooze® pizza party with the works. Join us.