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Chion Wolf

One of the many nice things about working here at WNPR is that our chief engineer Gene Amatruda actually seems to like setting up our studio for concerts. And every time Gene does it, the studio sounds a little better. I caught some of String Theorie on Where We Live last week, and I was knocked out by the sound.

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The Flat Duo Jets were the darling of college radio in the 80's and 90's. The duo, guitarist Dex Romweber and drummer Chris Crow Smith influenced scores of musicians with their wild, raw performances of 50's rockabilly tunes. Guitarist Jack White points to the Flat Duo Jets as a major influence on him and his own duo band the White Stripes.


Feb 10, 2012
Chion Wolf

Improv Everywhere

Feb 8, 2012
Stephen Haynes

The songwriter Paul Simon once said: Improvisation is too good to leave to chance.

Improvisation is one of the key parts of musical expression...from fiddling with chord changes until a song emerges, to full-on “free” jazz, created on the spot.  In fact, jazz is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “improv” - followed by comedy.

A troupe of actors, thrown quickly into haphazard situations - forced to think fast and create characters and dialogue on the spot.

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We're bringing our music experts in today to give you their picks, especially those of you who have to buy stuff for other people during the holiday giving season. I decided to get out of their way and not bring in any picks of my own, but I'll use this little unencumbered moment to mention a few things.

"Booker" is one of singer songwriter Milton's most well known songs, a tribute to the late New Orleans pianist James Booker. In fact it was the NPR song of the day back in 2009. With his husky soulful voice and evocative lyrics, Milton has garnered high praise from critics and scores of fans. Milton plays Friday night at Cafe Nine in New Haven, and he joins us now by phone.

Chion Wolf

There are parallels -- and I don't think I'm forcing them -- between indie rock musician Mike Doughty -- whom you'll hear on the show today, and Mahler's first symphony, which Hartford Symphony conductor Caroyln Kuan will discuss in advance of performing it for the next four nights.

Musicians from Europe, Canada and across the U.S. will meet in Connecticut on October 8th & 9th for the 9th annual Harp Guitar Gathering. What’s a harp guitar?   

Think of an acoustic guitar – either nylon or steel string - sitting on your lap. Between your chin and the guitar, half of a harp springs out from the top shoulder of the instrument. It's a sight to behold!  There are no frets on the additional strings. They’re either plucked or resonate as you play, but they expand the instrument’s range down as low as a grand piano.

Chion Wolf

Photo by Michael E. Anderson

What happens when four friends, all veteran musicians with a love of rock and roll and baseball get together? Well, they call themselves the Baseball Project, and they head out on the road. The Baseball Project rolls into New London for a show tonight. Joining us by phone is singer and guitarist for the Baseball Project Scott McCaughey, he's also front man for Minus 5.

Chion Wolf

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Nigerian Funk and Heavy Electronics

Aug 11, 2011

This week on the Needle Drop, we're diving into new electronic releases from Hudson Mohawke and Machinedrum. Plus, some tracks from a compilation of Nigerian funk and disco music recorded in the late 70s and early 80s: Brand New Wayo.

Sounds Around Us

Jun 30, 2011
ky olsen, creative commons

If you stop and really listen, there’s a world of sound all around you.

For many people, this ambience of life is drowned out by the constant soundtrack of music...in our cars...on our headphones as we walk a city block or hop a subway.  

But today we’ll explore a different soundtrack, that of our actual surroundings.  

The idea came to us from two recent shows we did...one about how new technology is allowing us to map our worlds in all kinds of new ways...and another about field recordings as a type of cultural anthropology.

Chion Wolf, WNPR

Firehouse 12 in New Haven  is an innovative space that is part of a neighborhood resurgence in downtown New Haven. In fact, the jazz trumpeter and composer Taylor Ho Bynum says that there are only a few places like it in the world. It's a high-tech recording studio that presents avant garde jazz, while attracting a crowd to its downstairs cocktail bar.  The setting is a renovated firehouse in the up-and-coming Ninth Square neighborhood, newly filled with restaurants and galleries.