The Faith Middleton Show
12:21 pm
Tue October 22, 2013

Best Travel Tips

Credit Ben Schumin/flickr creative commons

by Faith Middleton  

Save money. Avoid long lines. Get better seats.

Check out our best travel tips conversation with Amy Farley, Travel Doctor columnist for Travel + Leisure magazine.

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Host's Diary
2:42 pm
Mon October 21, 2013

We Just Don't Do This Song Thing Very Well, Do We?

A kazoo must be played with enthusiasm.
Credit Stefan Westhoff / Wikimedia Commons

We're trying to gather up some Connecticut State Troubadours in our studio later this week, so it occurs to me to ask: Which is more ear-splittingly bad?

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Author Interview
5:36 am
Sat September 21, 2013

A Road Trip Sparks An Unlikely Friendship In 'Norvelt To Nowhere'

Jack Gantos recently won the Newbery Medal, the highest award in children's literature, for his novel Dead End in Norvelt.
Anne Lower Courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Originally published on Sat September 21, 2013 11:34 am

From Norvelt to Nowhere is a book that begins in the shadow of nuclear annihilation, during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The first few paragraphs also disclose that nine elderly women in the town of Norvelt are dead by poison.

Did we mention it's a kids' book, too?

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9:26 am
Tue August 6, 2013

New England Trail Has Something for Everyone

Andy Neale, Flickr Creative Commons

Congress designated the New England Trail as a national scenic trial in 2009. The 215-mile trail winds through 39 communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The trail's website has launched a new interactive map. 

"Folks really like to start their hike at home," said Clare Cain, trail stewardship director for the Connecticut Forest & Park Association. 

Morning Edition Host Ray Hardman talks to Cain about the ways the trail has improved since 2009, dramatic views, and its artist-in-residence.

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The Faith Middleton Show
12:02 pm
Mon June 17, 2013

Round About the Earth

Horia Varlan/flickr creative commons

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The Faith Middleton Show
12:02 pm
Mon June 17, 2013

Round About the Earth

Horia Varlan/flickr creative commons

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4:22 pm
Fri June 7, 2013

Getting There from Here

For many of today’s drivers, tools like Google Maps and GPS devices have made turn-by-turn directions a familiar—even essential—part of getting from point A to point B. But this isn’t a new idea and didn’t start in Silicon Valley. In the early days of the automobile, “route guides” included turn-by-turn directions compiled by amateur and professional “pathfinders.” In 1901, Charles Howard Gillette, a Hartford native, published the Official Automobile Blue Book.

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Post Metro-North Accident
3:31 pm
Thu May 23, 2013

Monday's Commute: Carmageddon Avoided

Metro-North railroad has announced it will restore full service to the New Haven line on Wednesday. While many commuters heeded pleas to avoid rush hour travel on Monday, some didn’t have a choice or decided to brave it anyway -- including me. 

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2:02 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Legislature Looks To Cut Tourism Budget

The fortunes of the Connecticut Office of Tourism have turned around since 2009, when then-governor Jodi Rell infamously cut state funding for tourism marketing to just one dollar. Last year the state invested $15 million to promote the state's tourism industry.

The result was the Connecticut "Still Revolutionary" campaign and according to Randy Fiveash, Director of the Connectict Office of Tourism, "Still Revolutionary" has been a huge success.

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The Faith Middleton Show
1:33 pm
Mon May 6, 2013

Round About the Earth

Horia Varlan/flickr creative commons

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12:31 pm
Thu March 28, 2013

CT's Coastline Generates Billions for the Economy

Harriet Jones

A new study says Connecticut’s coastline is worth at least $7 billion to the state’s economy. WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.


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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:44 pm
Wed January 23, 2013

Interstellar Travel

Temari 09, Flickr Creative Commons

When you think of all the things here on the ground that don't work right, the notion that we should consider traveling to other stars seems a little crazy.

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10:53 am
Wed October 24, 2012

A Very Big Conversation

Daniel Voyager, Creative Commons

Radio producer Aengus Anderson is on his third cross country trip, this time for a podcast called “The Conversation” - a collaborative project about the future interviewing a cross-section of America’s most creative thinkers. Anderson joins us to talk space colonization, transhumanism, neoprimitivism, and more. 

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Where We Live
11:41 am
Mon September 10, 2012

Building Bridges Between China and Connecticut

World Map from CIA World Factbook; Malloy photo from Chion Wolf

Today, Governor Dannel Malloy is in China - leading a delegation trying to drum up business between our state and increasingly powerful economic force. He’ll also be making an appearance at the World Economic Forum being held there.

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10:04 am
Tue May 15, 2012

Connecticut Launches New Marketing Campaign

The state has launched its new marketing campaign with the slogan – “Connecticut, Still Revolutionary.” The campaign is the result of a four-month project conducted by an outside consultancy.

The state will spend $27 million over two years marketing itself as a tourism destination – a far cry from the recent past, when Connecticut’s marketing budget was reduced to just one dollar. At a press conference to launch the new campaign, the state’s tourism director Randy Fiveash says surveys elsewhere in the country show that budget cut hurt Connecticut.

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Where We Live
10:03 am
Fri April 13, 2012

Robert Ballard on the Titanic

Inst. for Exploration & Inst. for Archaeological Oceanography

Dr. Robert Ballard is probably the world’s most famous explorer - in part because of his Titanic discovery - in part because of his tireless mission to uncover secrets of the deep.

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The Colin McEnore Show
3:22 pm
Fri March 30, 2012

The Nose: The Gated Community Ideology

Flickr Creative Commons, vlitvinov

While traveling earlier this week, I was thinking about how easy it is to research almost any aspect of an experience and get an online, nearly real-time appraisal of the restaurant, hotel, shuttle service, store or tourist attraction you're dealing with. Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor take a lot of mystery out of life (which could be a bad thing) and put a lot of control in the hands of average consumers (which could be a good thing). 

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Where We Live
10:38 am
Thu October 13, 2011

The Yale-Peru Dispute Wraps Up

Catie Talarski

Diane Orson has made a “beat” out of covering a fascinating story of intrigue and international relations that reads like a combination of Indiana Jones and an Aaron Sorkin drama. Yale and the nation of Peru have been in a dispute for years over artifacts...a dispute that is now finally resolved. She just got back from a trip to Peru on Monday.

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Where We Live
9:59 am
Fri August 5, 2011

Robert Ballard Is Back At It

© Ocean Exploration Trust

After discovering the shipwrecked Titanic in 1985, Dr. Robert Ballard could have retired and still gone down as one of the greatest explorers ever. More than 25 years later though, he’s still at it.

His latest expedition is underway and he’s monitoring its every move from his control room in Mystic Aquarium, his computer at home, and on his iPhone everywhere else.

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Mountain Lions
6:00 pm
Tue July 26, 2011

It WAS A Wild Cat

Courtesy Conn. Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection

Connecticut’s environmental officials announced today that the Mountain Lion that was killed on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in June was a wild animal that traveled hundreds of miles from South Dakota to Connecticut. It is the first confirmation of a wild Mountain Lion in the state in more than 100 years. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.

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